In Australia you legally need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form no later than one month before your wedding. 

You will be ask to produce original documents e.g. passports,birth certificate and if applicable, divorce or death certificate.

Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is a meaningful and dignified ceremony for any adult couples who want to make a public declaration of their life-long commitment and love for each other.

The occasion can be shared with family and friends or the ceremony can be held privately without guests.

The important thing about a Commitment Ceremony is that it does not have any legal implications.

Renewal of Vows

A renewal of marriage vows ceremony is for married couples who wish to celebrate in a unique and personal way their original vows to each other, their married years together and also to renew their commitment to one another. 

Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony is a special way of celebrating your child's birth and welcoming the new arrival into the family. It is also an opportunity to declare, before family and friends, your promise to be as good parents as you can. 

It is also an opportunity for close friends, chosen by you, to pledge their special relationship with your child. It is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved and to offer their support in your child's future development.

Ceremonies in my office


A special reduce fee for ceremonies performed in my office or front yard outdoor area (subject to availability)

All legal requirements will apply to all Marriage ceremonies

Fees for all other weddings or ceremonies in Sydney and outer Sydney venues please contact me for a personal quote.

Other Ceremonies

  • House welcoming
  • Coming of age
  • Anniversaries
  • Other special ceremonies to any occasion